Infinity Tutoring Centre was started in 2010 by two dedicated secondary school teachers. Our mission was to give qualified, positive, one-on-one support to students at all levels of schooling. Our facility had different tutors specializing in all subjects, and multiple private tutoring rooms, which allowed each student to sit with an experienced teacher in his or her own "personalized classroom."

In more recent years, Infinity Tutoring has focused only on Math tutoring, with Scott Dawson being the main tutor. Scott has been a certified Math teacher since 2005, and has been tutoring for 15 years. Scott also works as a tutor at St. Michaels University School through their Learning Resource Centre. Having tutored many, many students in Victoria over the years, Scott has become a very popular math tutor in the community, know for his in-depth knowledge of the curriculum, sense of humour, and ability to make tutoring fun, helpful, and (mostly) painless!